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How to create and setup sub domain on a blogger (blogspot) blog from custom domain?
Who already have a blog with a domain / custom domain or also called TLD (Top Level Domain), you can also create several sub domains from the parent domain or custom domain that you use. This is useful if you have another blog that you want to link to a domain / custom domain so you don't need to buy a new domain anymore and it's quite useful to save your expenses.

For example, the domain / custom domain address that you have is https://www.yourdomain.com and if you want to add another blog for example with a niche Technology, you can add sub domains with the name Tech or techno (https://tech.yourdomain.com).

Let's follow the steps below.

First, log in to the member page or client area of your domain. You can adjust it with the client area domain that you use.

Then click the Domain menu and select which domain you want to add a sub domain to. Like the example here select yourdomain.com, If you want to add sub domains from the yourdomain.com domain.

Once selected, it will bring up menus such as nameservers, manage DNS, etc. Select the Manage DNS or Manage DNS menu .

Then add a new record in the Manage DNS column, Add subdomain name record and add ghs.google.com to the CNAME column .

Well, now only needs to wait for the propagation, it takes about 1 hours or usually faster than the new sub domain you made.

Next enter the Blogger dashboard , then select the blog that you want to add to the sub domain you made. Then select the Settings menu > Publishing and click on Custom Domain for your blog to install a new sub domain.

How to create and setup sub domain on a blogger (blogspot) blog from custom domain?

Add the sub domain name in the column provided then click Save .

How to create and setup sub domain on a blogger (blogspot) blog from custom domain?

Done, now enable HTTPS in the same menu. For tips, you can check here How to Enable HTTPS on a Blogspot website with a Custom Domain .

How to create and setup sub domain on a blogger (blogspot) blog from custom domain?

If you encounter problems, you can’t click Save when installing a sub domain. Possible Nameservers on the blog is different from Nameservers on the main blog, for that just add the names provided by Google to the Manage DNS page earlier. Examples of nameservers like this:

How to create and setup sub domain on a blogger (blogspot) blog from custom domain?

The arrow above is the nameservers from your blog, add the nameservers on the Manage DNS page by adding a new record in the column provided.

Select the record type with CNAME , then click Save and wait for the same number of times as the previous step. If so, try clicking Save again on the Blogger page.

How to create and setup sub domain on a blogger (blogspot) blog from custom domain?

How to make footer credit (backlink) incapable of being removed from blogger Template?
When creating a template that will be distributed free later, of course the creator injected a credit link / footer link in the custom template. This is done to get a backlink from the template user who is interested in the template, created by the template designer / devloper.

But sometimes this hope must be dashed and in vain if the template falls to unscrupulous free template users who like to remove credit links from a template created by someone else who downloaded it.

Instead of wanting to get a backlink, the template made by the template designer / developer is claimed by others and as if it were his template.

Well, to overcome this, there is a way that should be applied by the template designer / developer, if later you still want to create a new template again and share it for free. Namely using JavaScript that serves to redirect the link credit template. That is, if the free template user modifies the link credit with his own version, then the link will be redirected to as usual, the alias will not change at all. For the interested in implementing this method, follow the following steps.

Copy the following code, and place it before </body>.

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document)['ready'](function() {setInterval(function() {if (!$('#merocredit:visible')['length']) {window['location']['href'] = 'https://101helper.com'}}, 3000)});window['onload'] = function() {var merocredit = document['getElementById']('merocredit');merocredit['setAttribute']('href', 'https://101helper.com');merocredit['setAttribute']('rel', 'dofollow');merocredit['setAttribute']('title', '101helper.com');merocredit['setAttribute']('style', 'display: inline-block!important; font-size: inherit!important; color: #71d54c!important; visibility: visible!important;z-index:99!important; opacity: 1!important;');merocredit['innerHTML'] = '101helper.com'};

For example your template footer html code as below.

Copyright &#169; <script type='text/javascript'>var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear());</script> | <a class='sitename' expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl' expr:title='data:blog.title'><data:blog.title/></a> | Designed by <a href='https://www.101helper.com' id='merocredit' rel='dofollow' title='101helper'>101helper</a>.

Change the link and title above with your blog's link and title. If so, save the template and see the results.

There are a few tips if your blogspot template results are still selling well in others, by asking the interested person to send an email or write an email in the comments column who interested in your template. That way you can find out who is using your template, and who has intentionally changed the credit link.

How to make footer credit link (backlink) incapable of being removed from blogger Template?

The .np is the Internet country code top-level domain name (ccTLD) is an extension that represents Nepal. The .np domain is country-code second-level domain names(ccSLDs). It is administered by Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. You can not buy and sell .np domains, can be registered free from the portal of Mercantile (register.mos.com.np).

Domain registrations under (.NP) ccTLD are free of cost and are registered on a first-come-first-serve basis but terms and conditions apply. Domains can be registered from http://register.mos.com.np. The .np Domain Registrations require a local presence in Nepal and also expected to be for names based directly on a company or organization name, or a product brand name.

Second-level domains
Domains can be registered only under the following secondary NP domains: com.np, org.np, edu.np, net.np, gov.np, name.np, biz.np, travel.np, asia.np, coop.np, pro.np and mil.np. More information on .np ccTLD

Registration .np
Registrations require a local presence in Nepal. Registrations are also expected to be for names based directly on a company or organization name, or product's name, service's name, and brand name.

Domain registration is free of cost at the third level beneath various second-level domain. But need to provide Copy of citizenship for a Personal website or Copy of company registration for Organization website for the verification process. It would take a working day to get domain reviewed.

How to register com.np domain in Nepal

STEP 1. Browse https://register.com.np from your internet browser.

STEP 2. Check the availability of the domain/s
Enter the domain name and choose an appropriate suffix from the drop-down list (Example- .com.np, .edu.np, .net,np etc.). Follow Policy For Domain Name Registration Under NP CCTLD then, click on the Search button.
If your domain name is not available, you can try a different one.

STEP 3. If your domain is available you can click on Register now button.

STEP 4. You must create the username for the registration process of .np.

Click on Create user button. you will be redirected to another page.

STEP 5. Fill out the rest of the required information. You will need to enter your Full name, Email ID and Password then Click on Create account.

( If you don't have suitable Email Id for your domain create an Email id. To create Gmail Id Click on the link below for the Guidelines. )
- How to Create Gmail Account ?.

STEP 6. Verify your email address to activate your User Name and Email Address

STEP 7. Check your email. An email from .np Domain Registration subject “Email Verification”. Open your mail for verification.
( Note that if you don’t check or click that link within 3 days, the domain registration will be canceled. )

STEP 8. Click on the Verify button. Then, you will be redirected to another page.

STEP 9. Login ( to https://register.mos.com.np ) with registered Username and Password.

STEP 1O.You must put your Primary name server and secondary name server. Which, provided by your hosting company.

Nepal based local Name Server configuration example

Server alias IP
Primary DNS server sungava.mos.com.np Don't insert IP address
Secondary DNS Server manaslu.mos.com.np Don't insert IP address
Server alias IP
Primary DNS server ns1.hosting.com.np Don't insert IP address
Secondary DNS server ns2.hosting.com.np Don't insert IP address

Otherwise, you can use Primary name server NS1.AFRAID.COM And Secondary name server NS2.AFRAID.COM for your registration process. This free DNS name server provided by http://freedns.afraid.org. You can change your .np website name server anytime.

Read this,

- How To create your .com.np free website on Blogger.com using freedns.afraid.org
- How To create your .com.np free website on Blogger.com using cloudflare.com

STEP 11.  Fill up your administrative details ( Name, address, admin email, admin phone, admin mobile number ) and it's for your company details (Org name, Org address, Org email, Org Phone, Org mobile). Click on “Save & Continue” button.

STEP 12. Upload the required documents. (accept jpg, png, jpeg, gif, SVG file extensions with a maximum of 800 kilobytes.)
- For personal domain registration, you must upload scanned Copy of Nepali citizenship OR Copy of Nepali Driving License OR Copy of Nepali Passport OR Copy of Nepali Voter Card or Non-Resident-Nepalese ID Card or Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals and a domain registration Request Letter.
- If you are a company you will need a domain registration request letter typed in the company’s official letterhead and certificate of registration of company/firm/partnership/organization.
- Foreign companies are required to have an official presence in Nepal as a joint venture, partnership, agent, or a licensee in order to qualify to register a domain. Official documents to prove the local presence will have to be submitted with the application.
Further Information Visit:- About documents for registration

STEP 13. After fished upload your Documents, you can see Request domain button. Then, click on Request Domain button.
- Review the information for accuracy before submitting.
- The submitted documents will be checked and if need, original documents will be asked for further verification.

- After Requested domain, you can see on your Control Panel like the Following Picture.

STEP 14. Once the registration process is completed, your application will be verified by host-master. If all the information details and request letters are correct, your domain will be approved. It may take at least 24 hours to get your domain/s registered or modified. Though it may take longer sometimes depending on the number of pending requests.
- Mercantile will let you know by email whether your domain is approved or not.

- If your domain rejected, appears like the picture above.

- If your .np Domain is Approved, you can see your domain in your Active Domain list. Appears like the Picture above.
- You Can Edit your Info / DNS name server anytime.

Domain registrations under .NP ccTLD is free of cost

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